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Olivia's Nest was designed to be a wonderland for kids and a relaxing garden haven for our parents. Our babies really have fun, while learning. What makes us one of a kind is that our director Dr. Chege (neuroscientist, Ph.D.) has developed our own proprietary early learning system called ALEXIS.

ALEXIS combines the best of existing curricula such as Montessori, Cambridge, CBC and adds to that emphasis on 2 critical components:
- We have a very early language & literary system meant to give even our infants, the means to communicate (sign language).
-The second rarity found in ALEXIS is the daily incorporation of STEM. As a neuroscientist, I fully comprehend that those first 3 years of life are so fundamental and that the proliferation and retention of information is nearly unmatched at any other point in our lives. So why do we limit our babies? A scientist is just a child who never lost that innate curiosity.
While our preschoolers may choose to operate on a 3 term basis (parental choice - they can come year-round if otherwise bored at home, and play with their daycare peers).

The daycare on the other hand is open year-round, except for weekends, holidays, and the week of Christmas to the new year. Also just because we are open at 7:30, doesn't mean our daycare babies need to be there that early. For daycare, parents can drop and pick their kids at their convenience.
To create a generation of thinkers, doers, and not just learners
We aim to provide an environment that is cozy and luxurious, just like home. Our teachers are there not just to guide or teach, but to offer attention, comfort and really engage the children so they all feel well cared for. We believe in innovative learning while encouraging the individuality and unique abilities of each child.


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