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Childcare; A Female Preserve

Childcare, which is also known as daycare, is the attention and supervision of a child or multiple children at a time, whose ages range from six weeks to thirteen years. On average, daycares in Kenya mostly take in 3 months to 4 years with average daily attendance coming to 7 to 10 babies a day.

Children need attentive care and employing someone to help take care of them is fundamental, especially for employed parents.

Childcare care ranges from feeding, engaging in games, cleaning to putting to sleep. All the mentioned activities are unique to different age groups: babies, toddlers, and older children. For toddlers and older children, playtime forms a considerable part of their life, and this contributes to their physical and mental development.

Childcare providers require thorough vetting before they are engaged because you will want to have one that matches your child’s needs. Younger babysitters can take on toddlers and older children comfortably because they have enough energy run after them and also participate in the children’s activities while older ones can cope with those that can stay put. On the contrary this is a factor not really given much thought in Kenyan daycares!

Most daycares are female-owned and have female caregivers. Women dominate daycare environments, preschools, and elementary schools so naturally they seem to be more preferred than men when it comes to childcare services. Out of the daycares Find A Daycare has interacted with, Neema Daycare and Victoria KidsCare are some that have shown otherwise.

Women are deemed to be naturally wired to provide childcare because even in the most remote places, females take up the role without being talked into it. In Africa, children are said to belong to the society and not to an individual; this meant that all young ones were the responsibility of the community. Any needs that the children had would be met by anyone in the community regardless of blood relations and discipline was not an exception.

Slowly, men are also coming into the childcare scene. Male nannies are being referred to as mannies, and they are being accepted into the sector in different parts of the world if not Kenya. Mannies promote independence and risk-taking in the children mainly because of their masculinity while nannies have a more feminine approach which brings about different outcomes. Even though men are coming into the childcare services, women remain to be the major players in the field as history in the business is giving them an upper hand.

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