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A Visit To Butterfly Kids Playhouse, Kileleshwa

As a first time visitor to Butterfly Kids Playhouse, you’d be excused for believing that you got lost on your way there when you arrive at Tulip Court, Kileleshwa. Thriving within the quiet neighborhood, inside the court is a modest but modern daycare for the few.

Given its location and modest setup, Butterfly Kids Playhouse has no directional signage, signboards, or posters. Word of mouth, with a little help from Find A Daycare, is their strength.

At the moment, Butterfly Kids Playhouse caters to few; a daycare that takes in a maximum of 7 children! This, as the owner confirms enable her to offer the very best to her clientele without straining herself, the caregivers and her resources.

Jember, the owner of Butterfly Kids Playhouse has a teaching experience spanning over a decade. Having started off in the UK and recently settled in Kenya, her recollection of how daycares operate in the UK is a far cry from our home but if she had to choose, Kenya would do anytime…

Future Plans For Butterfly Kids Playhouse

Jember’s vision for Butterfly Kids Playhouse is as clear as her clients’ needs. Future plans could include accommodating a few more parents by moving to a nearby spacious facility. Her passion and desire to nurture children is quite evident in her demeanor.

Her aim is to stick to her original plan of maintaining the daycare as it is so as to be able to serve parents who are keen on children having the ultimate daycare experience and nothing more.

This she intends to achieve by growing and bonding with the children over time while watching how much she can handle in terms of enrollment. Jember’s advice to anyone looking to start a daycare is to be realistic with the setup and expectations and have meaningful, achievable targets.

Check out their Facebook page: Butterfly Kids Playhouse

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