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A Visit To Barbie Playhouse Daycare Kindergarten, Kitengela

2019 marks a turning point for Ruth and Juliana as Barbie Playhouse Daycare Kindergarten becomes a reality.

As a working parent, Julianna knows first hand the challenges of juggling motherhood with a demanding career while in the US. As for Ruth being a nurse meant handling children at some point, the transition from hospital to childcare is basically right up her alley. Facing common challenges as career parents, both Ruth and Julianna realized the need for proper childcare services leading them to establish Barbie Playhouse Daycare Kindergarten.

A chat with Ruth revealed their vision for this wonderful institution. With hands-on involvement, focus, belief, and confidence in their ability to succeed and deliver is a clear indication that they are in it for the long haul.

The directors are quite familiar with the locality hence the decision to have Barbie Playhouse Daycare Kindergarten set up in a quiet and secure area at EPZ, Kitengela. Targeting a niche market of a growing population the institution intends to operate 24-hours. They offer daycare services out of which enrollment will transition to playgroup then to PP 1 and PP 2. Future plans might include a primary.

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If you live within Kitengela town, Athi River, EPZ, Mlolongo, Syokimau, Isinya town and you believe in good service, and quality for money then head over to Barbie Playhouse Daycare and Kindergarten.

They take in all children ready for daycare up to 10 years old. Your child will get the best head start at the hands of qualified and experienced teachers and caregivers

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